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UPDATED: Proposed Phone Mast in Caldy Valley Nature park

Another CWaC Council cock up?

Campaign Press Release (Sent to me on the 26th January 2012) My update below 30th January 2012.


Did you know that the council is proposing to erect an 18 metre phone mast in the dip of Sandy Lane where the nature park brook flows towards the River Dee? It will be within the boundary of the nature park and close to your house.

Please consider:

The inherent dangers of living near a phone mast. Only in the UK are we allowed to have these monstrosities close to homes and schools. In New Zealand and other countries they must be 500 metres away. The risks are actually worse between 200-500 metres due to the nature of the radio waves. Do some research on the internet if you can, there is plenty of information there that the government do not want you to read because they are making billions of pounds from this e.g.

The fact that Dee Banks School is within this radiation zone, yet have not been notified by the Council. Children are at the greatest risk.

An 18 metre mast located here will significantly damage the view for all residents and park users. It is a valley with a stream which leads toward the Dee and an area of natural beauty. The erection of the mast will have a negative impact upon this, not only for us but for people using the meadows.

We have a healthy wildlife population including woodpeckers, jays, kingfishers and bats. It is well known that mobile phone mast emissions affect the sonar of bats and therefore carry a very real threat to them. All species of bats are endangered and therefore are protected under British and International Law. Many birds and bees are likely to leave the park, “The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution”, A Goldsworthy (2009).

On top of all this your property will almost certainly be devalued. Please see over for an artist’s impression of what we will soon see if you do nothing. [Added below]

Please take 5 minutes to join us in objecting to this. You can do this online at Reference 12/00110/TEL or type in “pumping” or write to Planning Service, CWAC, Wyvern House, Winsford, CW7 1AH. You must comment before 8th February.

You can also write to your local councillor through or or email Pamela Hall

Please don’t let this monstrosity go ahead for the sake of five minutes help from you. Justa couple of lines from every person in your household (even your children can object) will make all the difference.


My comment: I am currently investigating various issues and will update this post as soon as possible. However, I didn't want to delay publishing details of the above campaign.

UPDATE 30th January 2012: Anger over Chester park phone mast plan

ANGRY residents have vowed to fight proposals to construct a phone mast near a popular Chester park.

Mobile phone giants Vodafone and O2 are behind plans for the 18-metre high structure on a site just off Chester Road, near Caldy Valley Nature Park.

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) spokesman Ian Callister confirmed they had received an application for prior approval from the two telecoms companies.

He said: “We have received an application on behalf of Vodafone and O2 for prior approval. It is an 18-metre high mast including antennae.

“It’s at the water pumping station in Chester Road, Huntington.” He added consultations would be held.

Read the full story from the source Cheshire First

My comment: Many people were confused by the initial planning application notification and thought the water pumping station was situated at the water works. It isn't, it is much closer to houses and the schools than they initially thought. [See map below] 

The original application also gives a different address to that quoted by the CWaC Council press officer in the article above. Why didn't CWaC Council give residents the full and proper address in all correspondence?

As far as schools are concerned I have been informed that Dee Banks, Bishop’s High and Noah’s Ark nursery are all within a few hundred metres of the mast, yet none were informed. Obviously not close enough as far as CWaC Council were concerned.

In addition CWaC Council should have had an LPA register but didn't. Most Councils do, or at least the good ones. After all it is a requirement under the Code of Good Practice“Up-to-date mast registers should be held by all LPAs, to facilitate discussion between LPAs and operators. These should also be made available on the LPA’s website.”

As far as consultations are concerned why weren't the right councillors consulted? 

No wonder they didn't receive any responses!

My investigation continues and further information will be added when I have the time but so far, like most things that CWaC Council do, it's turning into a right Charlie Foxtrot.

UPDATE 15th February 2012: Looks like the mast was rejected because it's above the 15mtr permitted development height.

Question is why didn't #QuackCWaC Council spot this earlier.

In addition, why no mast register? Most good councils keep them.

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