Monday, 27 February 2012

Pension Contributions for 39 Councillors: £124,080.40

[Nationally] More than one in five local councillors has claimed the right to a gold-plated town hall pension.

The number of elected representatives who have climbed aboard the local government pensions gravy train has soared by more than a quarter in just three years.

More than 4,500 now qualify for guaranteed pensions based on the allowances they are paid as councillors, which can exceed £50,000 a year.

My comment: I submitted the FOI request below in order to identify how many CWaC Councillors are in the pension scheme and how much it costs the Council taxpayer.

FOI Request
I would like to know the total member's pension contributions paid by the council during the last complete financial year. 2010/2011.
I would also like to know the number of councillors who receive such a contribution to their pension scheme.
CWaC Response
The total members' pension contributions paid by the council for 2010/2011was £124,080.40
The number of councillors who received such a contribution was 39.
My Comment: Average pension contribution per CWaC councillor in the scheme £3181.55. Which is rather bizarre when you consider that councillors don't work for the council. Any money they receive is by way of allowances not salary. Member's allowances can be viewed here. Why no mention of these additional pension contributions?

In addition the national average of councillors who claim a pension contribution is 20%. In CWaC Council it's 54%.

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  1. John Denny controls the overall spin at Chester & District Housing Trust which he uses to cover up his own ineffective, inexperienced, overpaid function as chief executive. In a period of financial difficulty for people without work or fortunate enough to have a low-paying job, Denny took salary raises from £100,000/pa upon appointment to £160,000/pa (£18,000.00/pa more than Prime Minister, David Cameron who reportedly receives £142,000.00) during his first five years as chief executive while concurrently denying repairs and maintenance also human and civil rights to Trust tenants. In addition, he now holds a similar position with Cosmopolitan Housing Group in a distinct conflict of interest which involves complaints agains Chester Councillors.

    Full text at:


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