Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#QuackCWaC consultations: Do as we say not as we do

Mike Jones, Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council: "..unless they engage with their communities, that is all developers, in a way in that's more positive than what they have done in the past, in the future they will not get much developments." Inside Out North West 20th February 2012, watch the full program here but the statement in question follows a short interview with a director of Peel (This starts approx nine minutes in)

However whilst Mike Jones argues that developers should 'engage with their communities' it's something his own council doesn't always do, as many examples appear to prove.

Engage: Cause someone to become involved in a conversation or discussion.
Consultation: The action or process of formally consulting or discussing.

A few example below, there are many more.

Example 1: An external body, The Audit Commission, was very critical of Quack CWaC consultation regarding the sale of County Hall. Read in full here.

Example 2: 'If residents and parish councils are not being  consulted, who is? We strongly expect that developers, and other financially interested parties, will be invited to have their say. As before, the proposed Council "consultation" is no more than a paper exercise and difficult to describe as anything other than a sham!' Read in full here.

Example 3: Proposing to erect an 18 metre phone mast in the dip of Sandy Lane where the nature park brook flows towards the River Dee. This was higher than allowed under delegated powers and should have been the subject of a full planning and consultation exercise. However, CWaC Council tried to sneak it through without consultation under permitted development rights. Until of course the community they failed to engage with kicked up a stink. Read more here.

Example 4: Concerns have been expressed by members of the public in all parts of the Borough about the site selection process, which led to unsuitable sites being proposed in Neston and Saughall, before being withdrawn by the Executive on the 2nd November. Read in full here.

Example 5: I am watching this online. Breathtakingly arrogant behaviour by Mike Jones showing blatant utter contempt for the public. He “missed” (accidentally or otherwise) a public speaker who was on the agenda to speak on the travellers site who was due to speak following Cllr Brian Crowe. Read in full here.

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