Thursday, 8 March 2012

Council leader's company, ASC Developments (Chester) Ltd, to be liquidated

Further to my earlier post Mike Jones, Leader of CWaC Council and ASC (Developments) Chester Ltd  of the12th August 2011 which also includes updates of the 28th February 2012 and 5th March 2012 it has now been confirmed that ASC Developments (Chester) Ltd is indeed going into voluntary liquidation.

The news wasn't unexpected because the ASC Developments (Chester) Ltd site has looked deserted for a while.

Compare the photo above with the one on their website (Please note the link may not work if they take their website down.)

In addition, his wife resigned as Company Secretary and Director on the 27th February 2012.

It appears the decision was taken after a court order was made to send in the bailiffs should money owed to a subcontractor not be paid within a week. Which apparently it wasn't.

Councillor Jones insists this is a private matter but for someone on record as stating I AM DEALING with the council finances as I would as a business,” winding up his own business because of debt problems will not instil confidence in the electorate.

Mr Trollope the owner of the company ASC owes money to has called on Councillor Mike Jones to resign.

My comment: Many business are having a rough time at the moment and many are having to close down but how many of those are owned by a leader of a council who claims to be running their council finances like a business? A council which in the past has supported their leader's business with taxpayer's money.

In addition, if the only problem a company has is a debt of less than £3K why liquidate? Therefore, it is obvious we don't have the full story.....yet

I am sure we will get more pieces of the jigsaw as the weeks go on. No doubt more companies/individuals will now come forward.

Read the full story in the Chester Chronicle.

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