Wednesday, 28 March 2012

#QuackCWaC Council can't handle the truth!

Extract from a letter published in the Middlewich Guardian
I ATTENDED the Cheshire West and Chester Council Executive meeting recently and to be honest, I was astounded by the lack of courteousness meted out by the council to those who asked rather basic questions. 
Firstly, three members of the public gave notice that they wished to speak. The first was told he couldn’t ask a question but was then given five minutes to speak and was then told to stop.
Another person raised a very important issue relating to the council’s code of conduct but was told to stop speaking and finally another person was told to leave the building when he raised a related question to the second matter.
Then, to make matter even worse, three councillors (the shadow executive I believe) asked questions of substance relating to how decisions had been arrived at and council spent some time criticising those questioners for asking questions but didn’t answer them when they should have known the answers.
Contrast this with another person (a Conservative councillor) who asked an equally complex question but on this occasion, the council spent time, without criticising him for asking a question, giving him a detailed and almost complete answer.
My comment: The writer hits the nail on the head when they state 'So to answer my question, it appears a question is only valid when the council wants to answer it.'

CWaC Council will always find a way of blocking questions they don't like or don't want to answer. Don't agree, then read this and watch our 'We've moved on now' Leader action blocking a question. 

[Assuming CWaC hasn't had the evidence removed as they did with the video evidence of the residents trying to hold them to some sort of democratic account at the Executive meeting.]

Q: I wonder why the official meeting video was 'sanitised' to hide the truth. A: Because CWaC Council can't handle the truth! 

Read the full letter from the source Middlewich Guardian

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