Friday, 20 April 2012

CWaC Council leader's declaration of interests in the student village

Freedom of information response from Cheshire West and Chester Council (20th April 2012)

"Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I am able to provide you with the following response.

Members who declare prejudicial interests are not involved in the decision making process.  I can confirm that Councillor Mike Jones’ other two interests are a business relationship with Bell Developments and his long term friendship with the family. 

For your ease of reference, the minutes of the Council and Executive meetings where Councillor Jones has declared his interests can be found via the following link: "

My comment: This link above appears dead but you can check all Mike Jones' declarations of interest for the last few years here

In terms of the minutes available so far, Mike Jones only appears to have ever formally declared one interest in relation to the student village since the council was formed. Minutes are intended to be a true and accurate record.
Please let me know if you can find any other declaration of interests which has been formally declared and minuted and I will add them to this blog post. 

I have tried but as usual #QuackCWaC Council website is still not up to scratch

I am reliably informed that Mike Jones has previously stated in writing that he has made declarations [of interests] at a number of meetings including Executive regarding his prejudicial interest on four accounts.

We now know what those four interests are

  1. His father lives within area with a lot of student accomodation.
  2. His daughter works for Bell Developments. 
  3. He has a long term friendship with the Bell family.
  4. He has a business relationship with Bell Developments.
We also know number 1 was declared on the 28th July 2011at a council meeting.

Can you help identify when and where the other three were formally declared and minuted?

UPDATE 1: I have received the first response to my question, however, this does not refer to a formal declaration if interest, just a response to a question in which he states he would automatically declare a prejudicial interest if and when the time came.

It relates to an answer given by Mike Jones in response to a question posed by a  Mr Andrew Thomas during public question time at an Executive meeting on the 9th March 2011.

"..I wish to make it absolutely clear to everyone, that should we receive such and application from Bell Developments, I would automatically declare a prejudicial interest – simply because I have known the principals of this company for many years and my daughter works for them.

Consequently, it follows that I would play no part in either determining the application, nor would I seek to exercise any influence over those involved in doing so."


  1. Undeclared interest?

    COMPANY NO: 3842589
    Year ended 31 March 2004

    Mike Jones, Director, Chester & District Housing Trust Ltd. (appointed July 2004 and resigned October 2005).

  2. I don't think it could be argued as an undisclosed interest because he resigned in 2005 well before CWaC Council came into being.

  3. The new Cheshire West and Chester unitary authority, formed after abolishment of Chester District on 1 April 2009, retained its charter through the appointment of charter trustees.


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