Wednesday, 25 April 2012

#QuackCWaC Council Rich list 2012

Total remuneration 2010/11 Percentage shows increase on 2009/10 remuneration

 1) Mr S Robinson Chief Executive £235,000 7.80%
 2) Deputy Director Children's and Young People Services  £152,585 0.10%
 3) Director of Community & Environmental Services £136,162
 4) Director of Regeneration and Culture £136,568 1.54%
 5) Director of Resources  £151,363 0.07%
 6) Head of Achievement & Wellbeing £101,772 12.05%
 7) Head of Legal & Democratic Services £101,798 6.60%
 8) Head of Facilities and Assets Management  £104,451 0.00%
 9) Head of Finance £102,301 21.97%
10) Head of ICT & Customer Services £102,296 2.79%
11) Head of Social Care Provision £101,496
12) Head of Planning and Transport £107,528 11.39%
13) Head of Policy, Performance, Partnerships £105,094 22.17%
14) Head of Strategy & Commissioning £100,696
15) Head of Procurement £107,584 2.67%
16) Head of Regulatory Services £103,841 1.83%
17) Head of Safeguarding £106,843 25.17%
18) Head of Strategic Housing and Spatial Planning £101,803 0.15%
19) Head of Waste Management and Street Scene £102,133 -0.10%
20) Director of Area and Community £108,670
21) Director of Environmental Services  £134,253
22) Head of Individual Commissioning and Prevention £117,896

Cost of the 22 posts 2010/11 is approx £2,622,123

23) Shared Director of Adult Social Care and Health £72,089 -52.67% 

Compare the list above with the 2009/10 rich list list here.

Cost of the 13 posts 2009/10 is approx  £1,684,426 

My comment: There was a significant increase in numbers during 2010/11 over 2009/10 plus some rather significant increases in total remuneration for some. Well above inflation and something the staff who have had their pay and conditions recently cut should be incensed about.

There were 13 known job titles with a remuneration above £100,000 during 2009/10. During 2010/11 this has risen to 22. It would have been 23 but one of the jobs is now shared with another council. More than a 50% increase in £100K fat cats in QuackCWaC Council from 2009/10 to 2010/11. 

Check out the Tax Payer's Alliance figures for the council here

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  1. Having worked closely with #QuackCWaC, I know for a fact that the place is ruled with a rod of iron, and with an almost Eastern European zeal and propensity to clamp down on staff and free speech. For this reason, and the wider climate of austerity, you're unlikely to see any existing staff (below a certain level) talking to the media.

    In fact the only staff you will see talking to the media and giving out the false impression "All's well... happy ship... nothing to see... move along" will be the signed up, on message apparatchiks at the very top, and of course their dribbling sycophants.

    In fact, what's to complain about, when you're trousering ever bigger pocketloads of easy public money, restricting the earning potential of honest junior staff, syphoning money across from their clobbered wage accounts, then recycling it in order to pay for your hideously misconceived, doomed at the outset legal crusades, and drawing a veil across some very VERY murky corners.


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