Friday, 25 May 2012

Adjudicator criticises #QuackCWaC Council

A CHRONICLE reader has won his appeal against being fined for dropping a passenger off in a city centre street.

Adjudicator Stephen Knapp, who has dealt with several appeals at the location, found ‘no stopping’ signs were unclear, there was inadequate warning CCTV was in operation and he had ‘never’ seen a cab using the rank .

Mr Knapp, who said the point of parking restrictions was to improve traffic flow, questioned the need for any restrictions, particularly during the day.

Council spokeswoman Rachel Ashley said the ‘no stopping’ signs were ‘in excess’ of legal requirements and other fines would not be cancelled.

My comment: The photo below appears to support the adjudicators position. There are,
  • only two extremely small signs mounted very low down at each end of the bay. 
  • no cabs in the rank.
The two signs highlighted with a small blue circle at either end of the rank.  Large blue circle shows a close up.
I obscured the delivery van details just in case #QuackCWaC missed them. Fining drivers for dropping passengers off appears to me to be more about raising revenue than a means of improving traffic flow.

Read the full story from the source Chester Chronicle

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