Friday, 1 June 2012

Bingate (Now resolved thanks to Cllr H Deynem)

UPDATED 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th 14th, 15th, 18th 20th & 27th June 2012: Updates below initial post.

On Friday the 25th May 2012 we put our waste bin out as normal. On return it had a sticker on it stating it was now to be used for garden waste only.

For those unfamiliar with the system in Vale Royal we had a green bin for household waste and a brown bin for garden waste. Colour choice was a little counter intuitive but we got used to it.

As of Friday the 25th May 2012 we had a brown bin full of garden waste and an empty green bin which could only be used for garden waste. We had no bin we could use for normal household waste.

Although we knew a new system was being introduced we had been sent NO information as to when it would start nor any information about what the changes would entail.

As a result on Tuesday the 29th May 2012 we used the CWaC on-line contact form and asked when we could expect to receive a new bin for household waste together with an information pack?
At the time of writing this post we have still not received an acknowledgement let alone an answer to our question.

Luckily another tweeter had received a Recycle First email from CWaC and sent me a copy at 11.45am on the 1st June 2012. The email included the following statement,
Anyone who lives in the former Vale Royal area and has not received their information pack, black wheeled bin and brown food waste caddy by Monday 18 June should contact the Council's Customer Centre on 0300 123 7 026 or email
As a result we can now wait patiently for delivery of our new bins and if we don't receive them will contact CWaC on the above email. However, we have had no household waste bin since the 25th May 2012 and if deliveries are not concluded until the 18th June 2012 that will be over three weeks without somewhere to put our household waste.

Whilst that would have been OK in the cooler months it's certainly not satisfactory during this hot spell.

The email I was sent a copy of also included information about when the new collection system would start,
The new waste and recycling service is due to start in the Vale Royal area week commencing 18 June 2012. Collection days are likely to change and new calendars will be delivered through Royal Mail by 11 June 2012.
For those not in the Vale Royal area, the email also includes the following,
The Ellesmere Port and Neston area will start the new service in August 2012 and Chester in October 2012.
To be updated when I have more information and thanks again to the tweeter who sent me the information.

UPDATE 3nd June 2012: I have managed to secure an info pack from a friend who had two. Still no response to my on-line query, no info pack and no new bin from QuackCWaC.

UPDATE 6th June 2012: CWaC told a friend who rang about difficulty in carrying all the recycle boxes to kerb....Don't worry just put everything in your black bin. #quackfail

UPDATE 9th June 2012: Still no response to my on-line contact with CWaC regarding info pack and lack of bins. However, fed up of waiting we picked up our own copy of the info pack from Wyvern House. Also told to put any rubbish out in black bin bags until our new bins turn up. We also received, on Friday by post, a new timetable for collections. Collection day has been changed from Friday to Tuesday. Unfortunately the next collection appears to be Tuesday the 19th June 2012, some 26 days after losing the use of our normal household waste bin. Still not sure when new bins will turn up.  #quackfail

UPDATE 12th June 2012: Response at last. I had been out gardening most of the morning but when I stopped for lunch my wife told me the council had rung at approx 11.40am regarding our on line query about the new bins. She was told we could expect them before the end of the week.

UPDATE 14th June 2012: Residents blame council for rat-infested bins

A WINSFORD woman has described having to chase rats away from her property at night because her bins have not been collected for eight weeks.

Residents have described Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) Council’s new waste collection service as a ‘shambles’, with complaints that bins are too small and unhygienic.

Read the full story from the source Winsford Guardian

UPDATE 15th June 2012: Council issues bins apology
CHESHIRE West and Chester Council has apologised after the Guardian revealed last week that some homes in Winsford had been waiting eight weeks for their bins to be emptied.
The council said they would work alongside the company contracted to undertake collections to find out why the situation arose.
Read the full story from the source Winsford Guardian

UPDATE 18th June 2012: We didn't receive the new bins as promised on the 12th June. As a result I sent the following email today to
We used the on-line contact form on the 29th May to report that no new bins had been delivered and was later assured we would receive them by last Friday at the latest.
We still haven't received any new bins and have been without a household waste bin since 25th of last month. Please can we have our new bins as soon as possible.
At 11.27am I received the following automated response.
Thank you for contacting Cheshire West and Chester Council. Your enquiry has been passed to the relevant department who will be in touch shortly.
If your enquiry is urgent you can contact us via the General Enquiries line on 0300 123 8 123

Enquiries submitted under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 will be dealt with in 20 working days, as defined by the act.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
UPDATED 20th June 2012: Response to my email of the 18th June received today (Details above)
Thank you for contacting Cheshire West and Chester Council.
I do apologise that you have not yet received your new bins. However I have escalated this for you and you should receive your bins ASAP.
If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Waste Collection Team on 0300 123 7024.
Enquiries submitted under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 will be dealt with in 20 working days, as defined by the legislation.
UPDATED 27th June 2012:  Following the intervention of Councillor Deynem over the last couple of days the council delivered our household waste bin today.