Friday, 26 October 2012

Is #QuackCWaC an officer led Charlie Foxtrot of a council?

Further to an earlier post #QuackCWaC Council, where's the control, where's the scrutiny? Which included four of the then latest CWaC Council cock ups -

Councillors weren't consulted over proposed canoe club closure
Freedom of Information
The Constitution fiasco
Richmond Court

I now have another couple of examples to add to the list.

1) Council orders British Legion to pay rent MEMBERS of the Winsford branch of the Royal British Legion have been asked to pay £1,400 for their information centre after Cheshire West and Chester Council said it failed to provide evidence of “clear community benefit”.

A bit like saying the NHS has failed to provide evidence of "clear community benefit".

2) Councillors’ emails at Cheshire West and Chester Council probed by managers CHESHIRE West and Chester Council is investigating the leak of commercially-sensitive information to the media.

However, this also means that constituents can no longer correspond in confidence with their councillors. For example, what if a resident wanted to complain about an officer and sought the help of their councillor? How would they feel if they knew the officer concerned or their colleagues could access their emails to councillors?

Whilst all these examples provide further evidence of cock up after cock up (Charlie Foxtrots) they also appears to suggest CWaC is an officer, not a councillor, led council.

A few more 2012 CWaC Council cock ups -

#QuackCWaC Council Data Breach

Adjudicator criticises #QuackCWaC Council

Man fined after another #QuackCWaC Council cock up

#QuackCWaC CCTV parking fine for emergency contractor

Chester Cathedral Square: Another QuackCWaC Council cock up?

Proposed Phone Mast in Caldy Valley Nature park

CWaC Council's latest cock up, a dodgy website

A 2011 cock up, included because knowing CWaC they may well do it again this year.

Dim CWaC Council cock up Xmas lights switch on

An example of CWaC Council cocking up related things more than once? If this is not a Charlie Foxtrot then CWaC clearly has something against our armed forces?

April 2011 CWaC charge homecoming parade soldiers for tea and coffee

November 2011 CWaC Council: Remembrance Day, Lest we charge!

October 2012 CWaC orders British Legion to pay rent

Linking back to an earlier post, I repeat

#QuackCWaC Council, where's the control, where's the scrutiny?

It looks to me like the officer tail is wagging our elected representative dog of a council. The $64,000 question is why don't councillors, or at least those in a position to do something about it, wake up take control and start to earn their allowances?