Monday, 17 December 2012

#QuackCWaC Council Open Data £500 + Spend

If you want to know what #QuackCWaC Council spend taxpayer's money on then you could do worse than use open data.

Visit the CWaC Council open spending data project here

Please note: The data above has been temporarily suspended due to data protection issues which #QuackCWaC Council failed to spot before releasing the raw data.  The open data is now  available but excludes any which potentially breached the data protection act.

You can search for payments made to a particular company by entering the company name in the search box at the top - or by using the side bars on the right choose a particular service, a particular time period, look at all the companies they paid or what they paid for etc.

A must link for all those who want to know on what, why and when CWaC Council spend taxpayer's money.