Saturday, 4 May 2013

They keep on coming - Yet another #QuackCWaC cock-up

Cock-up one: Cheshire West and Chester Council highway officers give contractors an outdated list.

Cock-up two: Contractor paints yellow zig-zag road markings without even noticing there was no school.

The school in question was closed in 2008 and demolished in 2009 so there has been no need for the work to have been done for the past 5 years.

Local and National press run with the Cheshire West and Chester Council cock-up story, probably because it's one of those 'you couldn't make it up' stories.

Chester First: Road signs in Newton for the school that isn't there.

The Telegraph: Council road painters fail to spot missing school.

The Telegraph Tweet: Council road painters fail to spot missing school.

Daily Mail: Bungling workmen paint zig zag school warning lines on road without noticing that it had been demolished four years ago.

Council cock up even reported by a Danish newspaper.

Nyhederne: UPS! Malede advarsel foran nedrevet skole.


Embarrassed council quickly paint over the yellow zig-zags.

However, reports are coming in that this is not the only example. I wonder where the others are and how much all this cost?

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  1. Another one? I've been waiting for the Phoenix Tower to finally open to the public after its long and expensive restoration.
    No sign of progress for ages and then this week, a fresh flurry of activity. I asked a worker what was happening. "Ah, well, we put an oak floor in but that wasn't any good cos of the moisture and that, so we're replacing it with a stone floor".
    How much did this cockup cost then? Chester Renaissance, English Heritage, European Portico... experts abound but any sign of competence out there? Seemingly not.
    And what chance of Chester's wonderful towers opening to the public again? Precious little, the way things are going.


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