Wednesday, 2 October 2013

#QuackCWaC in Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs section again

Further to my last post CWaC Strategic Planning Committee: Has it brought itself into disrepute?

Since then four councillors have had the Tory whip withdrawn,  Cllrs Brian Crowe, Neil Sullivan, Gareth Anderson and Myles Hogg. Read more about that here

They obviously didn't vote the way someone wanted them to vote regarding a motion for the full council rather than the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to decide the Student Village (SV) application. Read more about that here and the breakdown of votes here

Whilst some wanted the SPC to decide the SV application, most right thinking councillors (as a result of public concern over the earlier SPC committee chair change and the likely damage to the reputation of the council) thought it better if the full council decided on the matter.

The post whip withdrawn political make up of the council now looks like this, which makes the decision regarding the SV very interesting indeed. Not only will it highlight those who vote for or against but also those who don't attend, disappear before the vote or suddenly change their mind.

The council is due to reach a decision tomorrow. Watch the fun it here live at 5.30pm.

 In the meantime see what Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs section had to say on the subject.

Text version of the above image available here

Whatever happens tomorrow there is no doubt that the earlier actions of the leader has brought intense scrutiny on both the council and councillors from both residents and the press.

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